Sunday, January 11, 2015


I already posted some of the UMK 2015 artists and their previous musical history here and here. But we have still some more! Stadion pop, a tango queen, religious pop, Finnish EMD, cute boy pop and a mystery act no one seems to know anything about..... 

Pihka ja Myrsky is a stadium pop band with two singers, they describe themselves. Apparently including this singer and this no longer existing band's guitarist. Their songs include Et koskaan kaipaa takaisin, Sumun läpi and Milloin on aika.
Heidi Pakarinen won Tangomarkkinat's Tango Queen title in 2013. And tango is serious business in Finland and Tangomarkkinat the biggest music festival. Tango royalties haven't really crossed well over to pop (except Jari Sillanpää) nor featured well in national finals. Her songs include Sun kuningatar, Värähtelyjä and Näiden tähtien alla.
Ida Bois is a singer-songwritr. She has released Nukkuva maa and Tarinoita meistä album, listen the trailer here. She may have a religious twist in some of her lyrics?

Eeverest is one of the most mysterious acts. Two DJs it seems, with a female singer? The only trace on internet from them is this.  Otto Ivar and Angelo De Nile are even worse: nothing at all. On the other hand Angelo could be an alias, so...? Anyways, it's promising to be a very interesting (and hopefully still very good if Eurovision in mind) UMK season. Next Tuesday we should know the song, till then.....

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