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Solju comes way up North and is a mother and daughter duo, Ulla and Hilda and they started this Solju project only last year, but Ulla has a long career already. She was also a member of famous group Angelin tytöt. Hilda has been involved in many projects. They both work to save and give joik a new breath of life. They both like culture and art in general, and for example make their scene wardrobe, with a clear Sami inspiration of course. Their entry Hold your colours also talks about that and united traditional joik and modern urban music. The song may not have been written for them (read the story here) but they certainly have made it their now.

An indigenous musical duo that consists of mother and daughter
Jack: Stunning. Hold Your Colours has a beautiful message and I personally would like to see Solju represent Finland.. but I don't think it will happen. If they perform it well, they might make the top three. You never really know what will happen until the songs are performed live. Some songs will become a hot mess and others will blossom. Solju's entry is within my top five and I really hope they perform it beautifully, because it's a excellent song. 4/5 

Timo: The last one out ... Is this all there was? I do not know whether any of these rises above the others. This last one is again the same mass production among all the other mediocre ones. I have listened all of them now, once, and the reactions and scores are given based on that. First hearing is what it is, It may be that with the second, third or more listenings will give me some real favorites but I have some doubts on that 2/5

Michele: Predictable and calculated and slightly boring. Does not emerge from the crowd really. 2/5

Blogilkar: I love the idea. A little bit Sami exotism mixed with modern music, interesting performers, fancy look and styling, absolutely stunning art work... The mother-daughter combination representing the old traditional joik and modern music. It has all the ingredients yet fails a little. Maybe it'd need a key change? More underlined joik? Something. All this said, in the end this is one of my top-3 favorites, right up there with a bold techno opera and sugary boybandpop. I can only hope those three would be in top-3 in the end, too...  4/5
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