Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Georgia will decide today. The final Erovnuli Sheharcevi konkursi takes place at 2pm CET and lasts about 40 minutes. How efficient is that? will stream it live if you have a chance to have a look. 
Nina Sublati with her Warrior is the one to beat. Apparently she has had success at home last year and is the overwhelming favorite by the international fans, if that counts something. You can listen to the songs here. There is a 50/50 televote (Georgians have been able to vote since December 31) and international jury of five members.

Eter Berahvili - If someone
Edvard Maison - We are freeeee
Niutone - Run away
Nina Sublati - Warrior
Misha Sulukhia - One and only

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