Sunday, January 11, 2015


Lithuania's separate song and artists selection moved on this weekend the first act is eliminated. Last week's second to last Rollikai was sent home this week. Maybe they can go back to smoking & drinking and being bad boys as the photos in their FB suggest and rrop their polished Eurovision appearance. For the others the race continues and it seems Tadas and Vaidas are the frontrunners now. Next in danger seem to be Wilma La and Neringa unless they get their act together make wonders next week. Meanwhile also the song titles have been revealed:
I'm feeling love, Say you love me, Es tut mir leid (I'm not sorry), Not perfect, Skestu, Feel my love, No more tears, Dangerous, The right way, Sound of colors, Take my love, Factory hearts. There's a lot of love in Lithuania.....
UPDATE: The songs are now available here. And a recap here
Here are the artists and their placings so far....

Tadas Juodsnukis (01-02-
Vaidas Baumila (02-01-
Milita Daikeryte (03-08-
Edgaras Lybus (04-03-
Mia (05-04-
Liepa Mondeikaite (06-07-
Jurgis Bruzga (07-09-
Reda Striskaite (08-06-
Monika Linkyte (09-05-
Neringa Siaudikyte (10-11-
Wilma La (12-10-
12. Rollikai (11-Eliminated)

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