Sunday, January 25, 2015


Siru Airistola is the latest The Voice of Finland winner last April. Since then she has released two singles (Sä et kulu pois and Kaksi naista)and is currently working on her debut album. She has done also musicals and operas and studies musical theater. She is yet to breakthrough though so let's see if UMK will finish what The Voice started. She says her music is soul influenced pop with big emotions, and her entry Mustelmat (Bruises) is about being imperfect and accepting it. Or is it about domestic violance? Three songs that have made her are Lara Fabian's Adagio (in Italian), Alicia Keys' Fallin' and Eva Cassidy's Over the rainbow. Without them she wouldn't be here now. 
Timo: Siru has a strong voice that makes me listen to her. She even made me think about the lyrics and what they are all about and I'm not so sure I really got the point but then that's nothing new for me. I kinda liked this even if the main thing or the melody remained a bit as a background music  3/5

Jack: Siru seems to be one of the big favourites to win the whole thing and I certainly wouldn't mind if she did. I love her song and she's beautiful.. and as mentioned, she won The Voice of Finland so we know she'll be great live. Yeah, a definite finalists and a potential winner for sure. Good luck, Siru! 5/5 

Michele: There is a drama and intensity in this particular song, and the suggestive arrangement helps. All this without understanding a word. I like it, so .... and I would be happy to see her in Vienna. 5/5

Blogilkar: Interesting how foreign reviewers like this song so much (and Eurofans apparently all over Europe). We Finns are maybe more taken by the lyrics and their effect on us. If her goal was to make us think, she really manages in that and we don't pay attention to the rest; the melody, arrangement, her voice... This is a bit like Mikko Pohjola's Sängyn reunalla last year that finished second. A song with a very interesting and important text. I'm not yet totally won over by this, but if this won I wouldn't be sad. 4/5
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