Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Emma, the Finnish Grammy award nominations have been revealed today. Among the various nominees in different categories we have Softengine, the band that scored 11th in Copenhagen Eurovision 2014. They have been nominated as the newcomer of the year, and they are also among the nominees in the People's Choice award. In newcomers they fight it againt Arion, from UMK 2013. Jari Sillanpää has three nominations: Schlager album of the year, Male artist of the year and he's also listed for People's Choise. Another Eurovision veteran Katri Helena is still going strong; she scored also nomination in Schlager album of the year and also Female artist of the year. Diandra, Idol winner and UMK participant is also nominated for the Female artist of the year and People's Choice.
Finally we have Tango King and national selection participant Amadeus Lundberg up for Peoples Choice. Also UMK judge Redrama and national final participant Samuli Edelmann are nominated.
The most nominations however went to Haloo Helsinki (6), Kasmir (6), Robin (5), Janna (5), JVG (5), Isac Elliot (4) and Pepe Willberg (4). Also Pepe has a long history in the Finnish national Eurovision history as composer, backing singer and participant. Kaija Koo (3) has also Eurovision experience. It is refreshing to see the total absense of Jenni Vartiainen from the list, as well as Cheek's. 

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