Monday, January 19, 2015


Satin Circus is the boyband turned into man band, in Crossroads indeed. January 13 when the #umk15 entries were published was also band's 5th anniversary. Their aim has been success from the start and after they signed with Sony in 2012 their debut album was released the next year. They are at the moment working on their second album and enjoy fame and success both in Finland and Norway. Curious facts are Axel is also a pilot, Paul does some modelling and even ended up in Vogue Italy, Olli spends time at the gym and Krippe plays videogames. Another oddity is Paradise Oskar once was part of the band briefly. And they met while playing jazz music! They say they are energetic and promise Finns need not to be ashamed if they are off to Vienna. Recently's readers voted Paul the 37th and Axel the hottest guy in the Scandinavian pop scene. Their entry topped the iTunes charts in Finland right after its release. Is that all enough to make them winners?
Pop band from Helsinki, Finland!!
Timo: This is the best in the first semi ... somehow it gets going a bit, but not enough – it remains still be a little bit too ”eurovision” ... one of the reason for certainly is the soloist's sound, he could be a little bit stronger, powerful and manlier; o) 4/5

Michele: This is music that is in fashion right now. Nothing negative in that, of course. It is well made, attractive, fresh and pleasant. All depends probably of the live performance ... but it is the most convincing and effective entry in this semifinal. This could work very well in radios across Europe 4/5

Jack: OMG, I love this one! A super cute boyband, a great pop song and it's so catchy... what's not to love? Crossroads is a fantastic song and we should see them in the final of UMK and possibly Vienna, too! Satin Circus would be a great choice for Finland. 5/5 

Blogilkar: Propably the biggest name in this year's UMK and a perfect act for Eurovision. A honest boyband pop act and song, a first for Finland if selected. Nothing to bad to say about this, it's easy on the ear and on the eye and an entry Finns can be proud of and expect a decent result in Vienna following Softengine's success. In short this is a perfect package. It will be harder to win in Finland first though. 4/5

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