Wednesday, January 28, 2015


#umk15 is not letting the foreign fans easy with names and songtitles and this must be the worst of them. Now all you try to pronounce or even spell it right. Ok, anyways. The band has been more or less formed already in the highschool, first as a punkband and for fun, but from 2003 a bit more seriously. The current line up has been together since 2012. They got the record companies interested in them from the start but since have moved from one to another and finally landing on Warner. They have only released three albums so far and without really breaking it big after all. They describe their music as modern, romantic and Finnish suitable for late nights and early mornings after. If they should win the song stays in Finnish and indeed they say at least they would have a name and song's name (not) to remember or Särkyneiden sydänten kulmilla (translates to Around broken hearts neighbourhoods).... Their fourth album will be released in February. Btw, remember Hukka and Mama from last year's UMK? Here's their take on this song!
Jack: Järjestyshäiriö's entry is good but it isn't amazing. Hmm.. I do personally like the song however it isn't a winner. I just cannot see people picking up the phone to vote for this. The problem is that the song doesn't stick in you head after listening to it, and if the Finnish people have the same problem.. they won't vote. A borderline qualifier. But it isn't a bad song at all, just not very memorable. 3/5 

Timo: Basically, this type of Eurovision song has always hit home with me in the end. In this version, however, I would have liked it a bit more rockier touch so that it would really kick your ass. Now this stayed  in its category unfinished and this won't get to Vienna - I can't believe in a miracle in a miracle like that. 3/5

Michele: Jäeriewhateva: Same speech as for Ida Bois but the piece has a more appealing melody. It could be much stronger if sung in English. 3/5

Blogilkar: With first hearing I kinda liked this, the second and third left me cold. Not bad at all, but not really good either. Indeed something that would sound nice while driving a car but hitting it home in Eurovision in Vienna? I don't think so. Just a bit boring, isn't it? 2/5

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