Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Jouni Aslak is in his late 20s and has started his solo career after being the lead singer of Grandeville. He writes, mxes and produces also for other artists and fancies steam boats. His song Lions and lambs is about contradictions of life, black and white. He mixes all from 50s grooners and 60s soul to electronic music and blues, not forgetting especially French and British EM. He also challenges anyone in #umk15 to beat his tie collection! 

Singer, producer, activist @ music since can't remember. 
Master @ confusing handshake/fistbump mixup moments. 

Michele: Strange song... because it starts one way and proceeds to another. Well produced pop but lacking a proper hook. He's good but uses his voice in a weird way. Strange entry. 3/5

Timo: Jouni is like a lamb even if the song could make him a lion. But it doesn't... it's quite mediocre. But I do like the melody somehow... 3/5

Jack. Meh, it's not bad but not that great either! I just find it avarage. This song doesn't interest me. Most likely a non-qualifier. 2/5 

Blogilkar: This makes me think a bit GWN's Flags from UMK 2013. Anthemic pop that doesn't quite get going after all. Maybe this needs to be perfoemed on stage with live audience? It's not bad, but... it isn't anything special either even if I do like the lyrical concept. 2/5
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