Saturday, January 31, 2015


#UMK15 kicks off officially tonight at 19.40 CET when the two hour long preview megamarathon will be aired. The videos of each song have been showed the past two weeks on YLE2 between here and there, the songs have been played on radio and many of them have been included on various radio stations playlists and some of them have even iCharted. Tonight they will be judged by a panel that is made of Cristal Snow, Toni Wirtanen, Hanna-Riikka Siitonen and Iisa and the whole is hosted by Aino Töllinen. Next Saturday the serious business starts..... (It should be also viewable abroad here)

UPDATE: Here are the results:

Shava - Ostarilla (35 points)
"Original, real joy of doing their thing. Don't turn into a joke!"
Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät (34 points)
"Autenthic. Real. Touching"
Satin Circus (31 points)
"Works. real pop song. Video helps it"
Pihka ja Myrsky (29 points)
"Very good, but is it for Eurovision?"
Vilikasper Kanth (29 points)
"Lifestyle video. Good guitar and falsetto, but the text...."
Jouni Aslak (29 points)
"Great voice, needs to let the lion out on stage. Wrong video"
Siru (29 points)
"A bit plastic. Drama! But in Finnish?"
Järjestyshäiriö (28 points)
"Badly mixed. Lost potential"
Angelo De Nile (28 points)
"A bit cold. Epic. is this for Eurovision?"
Opera Skaala (26 points)
"She's fantastic. The production and base sucks big time"
Otto Ivar (25 points)
"Cheap video and cheap song. But he's handsome"
Aikuinen (24 points)
"Key change! Finally! Confusing..."
Ida Bois (24 points)
"She's lovely, the song is good but bad bad EDM and out of place"
Heidi Pakarinen (24 points)
"For schlager hipsters. Standard boring production"
Eeverest (23 points)
"Worried for the live performance on stage"
Solju (23 points)
"Where's the Sami in this? Should have had a proper exploding chorus filled with joik!"
Hans on the Bass (22 points)
"Neutral. Not bad, not good"
Norlan El Misionario (21 points)
"Singing in Spanish ok, the rest not. What's with the dancing girls?"

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