Wednesday, January 14, 2015


I will review the #UMK15 songs with some info on the artist on daily basis. But I have three little helpers, Timo, Michele and Jack, with that job so you don't have to read only my opinions and ideas for a change. We start of with Hans on the Bass and their Loveshine, written by Klaus Suhonen and Niklas Nylund.
Hans On The Bass likes fresh, tasty songs with a retro vibe. 
Melodies and beats that ring on in your mind 
as you happily make your way home
This band was born as a joke back in 2008 but since then they have been travelling from Porvoo to Stockholm and back in regular basis (in fact they have gigs booked in the end of January in Åland and Stockholm, as usual) and also released three albums, gained some radio time but most of all their music has been well adapted to public places like shopping malls, airports and shops. Their fan base is growing with every good critic written in the music magazines. Anna Wiksten is the solist, Klaus Suhonen also sings and plays guitar and Hans Täckerström plays bass. Obviously.
Timo: This is trying to be world embracing, but is just a harmless nothingness - if I hear this on the radio I won't probably change the channel, but I would be waiting for the next song eagerly. 2/5

Jack: This entry has a very laid-back feeling to it. It's cute! If Hans On the Bass perform it well, I'm sure we will see them in final. In fact the more I listen to it, the more I like it!! A winner? Hmm. Probably not but you never know! 4/5 

Michele: I'm yourszzzzzz 2/5

Blogilkar: This would be easy to label elevator music but it's more than that. Actually the feel good factor comes across and makes me dream of palm trees and cocktails. Yes, this is once again one of those songs! But would it hit it home in Eurovision? I'm not so sure. But then it has some Anna Rossinelli vibes, doesn't it?  This could make the UMK final but propably it will be left out in this semi, and it's a shame. Maybe..  3/5
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