Friday, January 30, 2015


Heidi started singing at the age of 3 and broke through by winning the title of Tango Queen in 2013 in Tangomarkkinat, Finland's biggest music festival that has given us several national final participants in the past from Jari Sillanpää to Arja Koriseva, Amadeus, Marko Maunuksela and Heidi Kyrö, just to name a few. Many have tried to cross over from tango to pop, but so far only Sillanpää has really succeed in that. Heidi loves sports, feeling good mentally and physically and loving besides music. Bon voyage is a different kind of love song, about letting go and still loving, full of good energy and positivity. 
Jack: Bon voyage somehow reminds me of Norway's entry in 2007 and we all know what happened there. A non qualification in Eurovision. I fear Finland would have the same fate if they sent this song to Vienna. 2/5 

Timo: And now we go into the Finnish schlager music world. That's something we haven't yet heard in this contest and Heidi seems to be familiar from the Tango Royals contest. It may well be that I have heard this type of music in my life so much that I cannot not like this at least a little. But I don't believe that this type of music would hit well with Europeans ... and indeed, we have seen before this type of music has no success in Eurovision 3/5

Michele: Heidi Pakarinen: Finnish tango aboard a cruising boat between Helsinki-Stockholm. Perfect video... but not in a positive way. No.... it's 2015 after all! 1/5

Blogilkar: Like Timo said, also I have been exposed to this style of music all my life. As a youngster I used to hate it, now as a bit older and less critical I kinda like it in the right place and at the right time. And this song in its genre is perfect, very catchy and full of good mood, sung well. I just don't think Eurovision is the right place for it. I wish her a big local hit with this that will be played all summer all over Finland, but Vienna? No. Therefor only 3/5
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