Monday, January 12, 2015


Cyprus has closed the first phase of their Eurovision Song Project marathon and below is the list of the 20 survivors of this at times heavily critizied system. This weekend the semifinals will start and more songs and artists will be dropped on the way to the final. Only two songs in Greek are still in.... With quick first hearing some songs and singers are painfully embarrassing.... But all they need is one good song and performer (preferably together) and maybe it will emerge among these in the later stages. There are a couple of interesting ones but I will save their remarks later when better quality and full videos are online. Enjoy the clips below if you dare!

Charalampos Luna Iosif - I wanna dance (I say tempo)
Aimii Charalampous - Right in
Doody - Magic
Maria Evangelou - Still
Nearchos Evangelou ft. Charis Savva - Della den agapo
Eleni Irakleous - Dawn
Kyriakos Georgiou - Shake dat
Giannis Karagiannis - One thing I should have done
Pieros Kezou - Said it all before
Panagiotis Koufogiannis - Without your love
Maria Maskoflan & Christina Iordanous - Sailing ships, pirates and dragons
Yuri Melikov - Victorious
Minus One - Shine
Ioanna Protopapa - Beat of my heart
Christos Rialas - Meine
Christina Tselepou - In these arms
Valence - Scared

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