Wednesday, January 07, 2015


Estonian television has published here all the songs taking part in Eestilaul 2015. This national final once again proves to be the most alternative and independent of the all national selections not really caring much about the so called "Eurovision formula" and thus rather entertaining and interesting affair in all. Ten out of 18 songs are in Estonian, which is also very refreshing. Several familiar names among the artists from previous Eestilauls and even one winner and Eurovision veteran, Robin Juhkental aka Malcom Lincoln (2010 with Siren). Once again I have no clue who could win this. It may become easier to predict after hearing and seeing them on stage, and after the semifinal results and seeing who did pull the rights strings with the voters.
Elisa Kolk, Maia Vahtramäe, Demie feat. Janice, Daniel Levi, Triin Niitoja & John4 and Luisa Värk may have the most Eurovision friendly songs but it doesn't mean they would have the best songs or be the best choise for Vienna.  This blogger got hooked with first hearing with Elina Born & Stig Rästa.  This year we don't have a memorable thing like this

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