Saturday, January 17, 2015


The endless marathon in Cyprus is coming to an end. Ten songs and artists remain in the race after the first Eurochallange round. Next week they will be cut to six ahead of the final on February 1, 2015. The whole lot is rather mediocre, I'm afraid, but I have a feeling we might get that duet in Vienna which would be okeyish if it stays non-English. Koufogiannis has a sort of weak vocals charms going on, same kind that has made Enrique Iglesias to sell millions of records. The other song in Greek by Rialas has also some charm, so does Tselepou and we can't forget Hovig. And if they want something that we surely won't expect from Cyprus it could be Minus one. And then there's Stronger every minute, part 2 aka One thing I should have done. The original worked well but not sure if this remake would do the trick.... 

Doody – Magic
Nearchos Evangelou and Charis Savva - Deila den agapo
Christos Rialas – Meine
Minus one – Shine
John Karagiannis – One thing I should have done
Hovig – Stone in a river
Panagiotis Koufogiannis - Without your love
Christina Tselepou – In these arms
Ioanna Protopapa – Beat of my heart
Pieros Kerzou – Said it all before

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