Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Switzerland chooses its entry for neighbouring Vienna 2015 Eurovision this Saturday. Six songs are left in the race after the usual lenghty 3-way selection process. Conchita Wurst will be there. But how are the songs? My favourites are Timebelle and Andy. Licia is in with a chance, too, I think. If any of those three wins I'm pretty satisfied, even if none of them is really great unfortunately....

Timebelle - Singing about love / live
Quite nice, she's got a memorable voice. This song is somehow Swiss, which is a bonus in this case. Rather catchy. Maybe I will wake up singing my love, I mean this tomorrow, who knows? 
Mélanie René - Time to shine / live
Sounds like a demo, need a remix badly. This will be eaten alive by the various warriors if selected. Similar in style but only worse and without energy.
Tiziana - Only human / live
She sounds actually better in the live version. The song's nice, she's got a good voice. But that's all. Not very memorable or original. The song lacks a hook. 
Licia Chery - Fly / live
She's got style and look to remember and well thought act. She may have the strongest act on stage. But is the song strong enough? Would this style of music work in Vienna? Hard to tell. Propably not.
Deborah Bough - Take me back to 23 / live
Sound slike some 70's nightclub song. In a bad way. I don't think there's anything I like about this. 
Andy McSean - Hey now / live
I kinda liked this already in the preselection the first time I heard this. Yet I was a bit surprised it did make the final. If elected he would bring the oh so fashionable lumbersexual to the contest. The live is still a bit bland in the preselection but this could come alive and win. And even do well in Vienna. Maybe.

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