Friday, January 16, 2015


The reviews continue with something very un-Finnish and the first ever song in the Finnish national selection in Spanish, No voy a llorar por ti written by Oldrich Gonzales and Norlan Leygonier Santana. Norlan started his career in Havanna, Cuba in the 1990's and was one of the local hip hop pioneers. 2005 he packed his reggaeton and moved to Finland and got nicknamed El Misionario. In 2008 he won OurVision (a contest born in the aftermath of Lordi's win in 2006 for immigrants in Finland). He released and album and Sauna caliente became a minor hit. He's prepairing his third album and working as a DJ, most recently warming up Enrique Iglesias in his Helsinki gig. He also organizes popular Club Sauna Caliente nights already for eight years. He mixes in his party music Latin and Caribian rhythms. He says his victory would show Europe the multicultural Finland and Latin music works everywhere....
Timo: Well, this is just the latin style I don,t like – of course this would fish out a few points from Spanish-speaking areas (err... Spain??). The first 5 seconds were still promising but then it flopped 2/5

Michele: Only a new and ingenious sound could make me  give a positive vote. I do not like the genre, it is not original and for the entry in Spanish I wait for the entry from Spain. The Eurovision is an opportunity for me to learn about local cultures. Finland = Spanish? No, thanks! 1/5

Jack: 'No voy a llorar por ti' isn't among my favourites but it's okay. Could work live but could also be a disaster... A non-qualifier at the moment but I wouldn't mind seeing him in the final. Not a winner. 3/5 

Blogilkar: As much as I like Latin music and have a fondness for Cuba and I kinda like this song something is missing. Or is it just misplaced? It's not very original, one of those 13 in a dozen but wouldn't be at all out of place in some compilation of relaxed Caribian sounds album. Eurovision? Simple just not strong enough and most of all wrong country. When I go to Cuba I'm more than happy to have this playing in the background when I sip my Cuba Libre.  2/5
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