Wednesday, January 07, 2015


The speculation among fans about the possible UMK 2015 artists is heating up ever more. Some are sure Antti Tuisku is taking part and that, my readers, would be a many fans Eurovision wet dream. The fact is he's the only real male pop artist in Finland. He shot to the fame from the first Idols season, placing only 3rd but has then outsold each and every other Idols artist by far. Nine albums to his name, all but one top-3 (the one missing out is his second Christmas album, "only" #5).  He's returning from a break and ... who knows? Even his Facebook status gives out a hint of something (this blogger is to think it's for another tv-programme announcing its participants though. Sadly) coming up shortly but he's releasing a new album shortly and just days ago it was revealed his new video will be directed by Christal Snow.... Let's wait and see and meantime enjoy some Tuisku's pop gems: Hyökyaalto, RukousRakkaus on, Juuret, Yksinäinen, Jää tai mee, Tyhjä huone, Leila.....
Also it now seems the UMK 2015 format has three heats with six songs, some of them qualifying for the final from each as I suspected in an earlier post.

UPDATE: His label has confirmed minutes ago he is NOT taking part. Here

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