Monday, January 12, 2015


Il Corriere della Sera newspaper seems to be sure it's indeed Emma Marrone and Arisa on stage in Sanremo 2015 next to Carlo Conti, as rumoured for some time now. Tomorrow there will be an press conference by Carlo Conti and the secret will be out officially. It seems Emma has already signed few days ago but Arisa only last Friday. A question of money, it seems. But now both girls are already happily going through the high fashion houses trying to find their dresses for the five nights. Italian fashion world has always welcomed the visibility Sanremo gives but now apparently some are saying they would have preferred the usual top model as hostess - for obvious reasons. Irina Shayk, Cristiano Ronaldo's Russian model girlfriend was rumoured - and would have been perfect addition to the long list of Sanremo vallettes who can't do much else but stroll down the stairs with grace in fabulous dress - but once again money offered by RAI wasn't enough. There's still time to get someone else. Maybe.
Anyways, with Emma and Arisa it will be back to the traditional blond vs brunette on stage even if all the rest with them is a bit unusual. Both have a multiple experience with Sanremo:
Arisa's whole career started by winning Sanremo newcomers in 2009 with Sincerità. The year after she was among the Big with Malamorenò. In 2011 she didn't compete but was the guest star in Max Pezzali's Mamma mia dammi cento lire on the night of celebration of Italy's 150th anniversary. 2012 she was back and finished second with La notte, behind Emma. And she came back last year with Controvento and finally won. It's no secret she's more than willing to do Eurovision and was publicly pissed when she won and yet couldn't go. Who knows, the winner this year says No and the hostess is sent instead?
Emma Marrone debuted in Sanremo 2011 with Modà in Arriverà finishing second. The year after she went solo with Non è l'inferno and won. Again the year after she was the guest star next to Annalisa, on the night of celebration of hits from Sanremo. They did Alice's winning entry from 1981, Per Elisa
They both also have a lot of experience of television work and dealing with nervous artists; Emma coming from Amici, and Arisa having been a X Factor judge.

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