Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Eeverest is Ida (16, from Vaasa), Niko (20, from Vaasa) and Marcus (31, from Tampere). Niko and Ida met last summer when working at McDonalds in Vaasa and the rest is history. They like to drop slogans like If I can see it and believe it, I can achieve it and describe their music as larger than life. They look up to Adele, Michael Jackson and Korn. Their entry Love it all away is about never giving up, being positive and believing in themselves. 
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Timo: The intro sounded promising, like a real good EDM... but then nothing else happened, it never really took off. The singer has something nice about her, new voice but you can see in the video she's still very ”green”... 4/5

Jack: Eeverest's song is one of the strongest for sure! It's modern, catchy yet also unique. I love her voice, too. Oh I really do hope to see them in the final. A contender for victory? Hopefully, definitely one of the best! Me likes. 4/5 

Michele: All in all very easy and simply too weak to stay in your head. 2/5

Blogilkar: Ida has an interesting voice and the intro of the song is great, but promising a lot more than it delivers in the end. This is once again an entry that will die or triumph on stage depending on the staging and live vocals and how they get the audience going. I doubt they will have any problems with the live audience jumping along hands in the air but how they manage to transmit that atmosphere to TV-screens where the voters are is another matter. 3/5
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