Thursday, January 08, 2015


YLE was to announce the names and songs of the UMK 2015 artists only next week but just like 2012, they were leaked by accident before. Back then it was that published the album info too early, with artists and song titles but this time it was Spotify that did the same. But not only, apparently the album artwork was published also in Facebook with the artists names even earlier. YLE's Anssi Autio comments in Iltalehti - liberally translated - "Sh*t happens". However, the songs are not listenable in Finland but abroad it is/was possible it seems. YLE is investigating the leaks.
The presentation takes places on January 13 at 1pm local time on webstream as planned. 
Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät, currently in British tour, has taken the most spotlight so far. The band was a project for handicapped people, with Down syndrome and turned into a film and real punk band.  Listen them here. It is also noted their entry last 1:28. This blogger is ready to believe that's about one minute too long anyways. I guess this is only UMK's attempt to secure the local media attention?
Other artists include the Tango Queen 2013, The Voice of Finland 2014, multiple The Voice/Idols participant, Finland's very own One Direction, a band that has one minor hit since 1997, UMK 2012 drop out, Finnish EMD, Finnish bhangra music, a Cuban, a Sami mother & daughter duo and more. Stay tuned!

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