Saturday, January 24, 2015


Selected media has had a chance to listen to the songs in Sanremo 2015 and we have some reports. Some are gaining pre-favorite status, and some information on songs have been released. Like all but three are about love. One talks about a person trapped in a body of wrong sex (Grazia di Michele & Mauro Coruzzi). Most are typically songs for/from Sanremo, only one rapper being different (Moreno). Some say Il Volo will win, go to Eurovision and win in Vienna, too, while some give them very little hopeto break through, their song being way too traditional (What about Vincenzo Cantiello in Junior Eurovision then?). Apparently they also sing in more pop style than opera this time on verge of being banal and kitchy. Also Lara Fabian seems to bring something very traditional but no one seems to believe in her chances.
The Italian OGAE voted Malika their favorite artist for Eurovision out of these and it seems she's delivering something good as she's mentioned as one to watch out in most reports. The catchiest and easiest for radio seem to be Lorenzo Fragola, Dear Jack and Nek, and their songs seem to be also the most rock oriented and uptempo among the songs. Nina Zilli follows her r'n'b style. Anna Tatangelo also comes back with a traditional ballad, leaving the Bitch-pop for awhile at least. Raf, Irene Grandi and Chiara are also praised but described more difficult and not so instant. 
This blogger keeps eye on Lorenzo Fragola and Il Volo for Eurovision as their precense in the list is rather suspicious to start with. In a good way. Also we can't forget Dear Jack who have already declared should they win, they're off to Vienna for sure. Meanwhile, here's Lorenzo's latest video The reason why.

I will be live blogging all five nights of Sanremo with news, gossip
and everything in between so stay tuned!

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