Friday, January 09, 2015


The rumour from Spain is getting more insistent every day now: Marta Sánchez (49 in May) has been selected and she has accepted. Now let's see if this will become reality. 
Marta started her musical career in the 1980's as the lead singer of Olé Olé and becoming a national sex symbol. In 1993 she went solo. Her first major hit was De mujer a mujer and it was a success also all over Latin America, and later the English version Woman become one of the first crossover hits. Her bilingual success continued with the next album that was also released in English, with songs like Dime la verdad. Since then she has collaborated with names like Slash, Nile Rodgers and Andrea Bocelli. Other hits followed like Superstar and Colgando en tus manos, her biggest hit to date, in duet with Carlos Baute. Her latest singles are Lo que nunca se rinde and 21 dias. Her seventh solo studio album will be released shortly, after a delay that could be due to Eurovision. Will it contain the Spanish entry for 2015? We should know next week.....

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