Saturday, January 24, 2015


Marco Mengoni's new album Parole in circolo was released a bit over a week ago but it has already sold gold in Italy. The first single Guerriero meanwhile has been certified double platinum and its video has been viewed over 11 million times. His success hasn't but grown since his Sanremo 2013 win and Eurovision song contest later that spring. At the moment his already recording the follow up album, the second part of this project to be released later this year. He will be also touring Italy in May, starting from Mantova May 5 and ending in Conegliano on May 23 for now. The tour is selling well and selling out, he already had to add an extra concert in Milan!
His new album has been playing non-stop in this household for a few days now and it's very good. Not one bad song, any of them could stand out as a single. The production and sound is very similar to the latest Giorgia album, which is only a good thing. :-)

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