Tuesday, March 13, 2018


I'm liking the sound of it. If Finns went all for heavy rock in Helsinki 2007 - that being the most succesful Finnish music genre abroad and besides, Finland has the most heavyrock bands per capita in the world - Portuguese are doing the same with their very own music genre: fado. Besides the reigning Eurovision winner Salvador Sobral also fado megastars Ana Moura and Mariza will perform in the final, and even together. For the first time. Ever. 
Ana Moura (38) has beeen around for 15 years already. She has sung with The Rolling Stomes and late Prince travelled to Lisbon to work with her. Five albums to date (two #1's and 4 top-5). She has also collaborated with Italian Pacifico in Pioggio sul mio alfabeto
Mariza (44) has sold over a million albums globally and continues to tour the world. After legendary Amália Rodrigues death Mariza explodes as her musical heiress and soon became the queen of new fado. She sung with Sting in the Athens Olympic games  Her albums have collected top-10s in various European and African countries along with Canada and Australia. She's been noninated to Grammy and Latin Grammy, as well as countless other international awards. 
Salvador Sobral will there, too, singing his winning entry Amar pelos dois and some new songs, and will surely be warmly welcomed by the Eurovision community after his succesful heart transplant.
Other musical guests are Beatbombers, IDA 2016 show category world champions and Dj Branko

PS. Portugal was drawn to perform at #8 in the Grand final.....

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