Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Johnny Logan, born as Seán Sherrard in Australia, moved back to Ireland at the age of 3 with his Irish born parents. Coming from a musical family he first tried to get to Eurovision in 1979 with Angie, placing 3rd. 
The year after he was back with What's another year and won. Seven times 12 points gave him an easy won obver Germany's Katja Epstein who placed 2nd. (After being twice 3rd, must be frustrating!)
He earned an UK #1 and a big hit all over Europe. Sadly his follow up singles flopped and he was soon considered a one hit wonder..... Meantime he wrote Terminal 3 for Linda Martin, the Eurovision 1984 runner up.
In 1987 he decided to givee Eurovision another go as his career wasn't going anywhere. Hold me now won leaving Germany 2nd again, and he became the first ever double winner. It certaibly was worth returning, as his career also took another turn now and he got it going in Ireland and Germany, and kept it going elsewhere, too, even if those winners remain his only big hits. Hold me now became UK #2 but outsold What's another year.
1992 he wrote the Irish winner for Linda Martin again. Why me? won also Eurovision and made him a triple winner: twice as a singer and writer, one as a performer. 
In recent years he's been rather eager to give harsh comments and advice on the Irish "success" in Eurovision so who knows we haven't seen the last of him yet....

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