Thursday, March 22, 2018


Isabelle Aubret was a regular in the French Eurovision song contest selections. She first took part in 1961 with Le gars n'importe óu finishing second. The year after she was back with Un premiere amour , won and went on to win also Eurovision song contest 1962.
The ex-gymnastic had a great star for her career and all was going fine and she had hits and was also offered the leading role in the film Les parapluies de Cherbourg (that then went to Catherine Deneuve) but a car accident ended that. She had several operations and it took awhile before she was able to come back to business. 

She made her comeback in the French selection 1968 with La source and won again, and finished 3rd in Eurovision behind Massiel and Cliff Richard. The song was a very daring one at the tme, dealing with rape.....
But she didn't stop there and tried to get back to contest a few times: Oliver, Olivia in 1970 (2nd), Je te conneis déjà (6th in semifinal) in 1976 and finally France, France in 1983 (3rd).
Her career became international and she toured the world so the second Eurovision only did good to her. Until she was hit by another accident in 1981 when doing a flying trapeze number. She breaks both her legs and remains disabled for a long time. 
Since 1986 she's been active again, and released her latest and 39th studio album in 2016. 
At the moment she's touring France with her last tour titled Age tendre at the tender age of 79 (she'll be 80 this summer). A true Eurovision legend, maybe a little forgotten and negletted by the fandom....

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