Saturday, March 03, 2018


Iceland reaches the final tonight as well after two semifinals where all songs were performed in Icelandic. Now for the final the language is free and obviously Kúst og fæjó stays in Icelandic as there was no English version prepaired, but surprisingly also Í stormi. Will it be Fókus and their middle of the road radio pop? Áttan's light & groovy pop? Ari's You raise me up-esque and almost gospely anthem? Or Heimilistónar's "funny" 60's girl group revival 40 years after? Or Aron Hannes and his Gold digger that propably ends like Estonian Play if chosen? Or Dagur's drama? I have no idea. I say a big NO to the grannies and maybe choose Ari? 

Fókus - Battleline
Áttan - Here for You
Ari Ólafsson - Our Choice
Heimilistónar - Kúst og fæjó
Aron Hannes - Gold Digger
Dagur Sigurðsson - Í stormi

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