Friday, March 23, 2018


Anne-Marie David started with Eurovision in 1972 when she participated in the French selection with Un peu romantique, after doing a succesful Maria Magdalena in the musical Jesus Christ Superstar. 
She didn't win but the year after Luxembourg chose her and Tu te reconnaitrais and she took a close second victory in the row for the Grand Dutchy beating pre-contest favorites UK's Cliff Richard and Spain's Mocedades; they are finished within six points when David scored 129 points and Richard placed third with 123.
Anne-Marie Davis became international star and toured the world and participated in various festivals from Tokyo to Vina del Mar, and ended up in Turkey of all places where she released songs even in Turkish and enjoyed fame and popularity. 
In 1979 she was back, this time for France and her Je suis l'enfant soleil placed third. Again the top-3 was way ahead of the others but in the end she was 19 points behind the Israeli winners, a second win in a row for Israel! And Spain placed again second. Funny coincidences. 
After the contest she concentrated more on the French market, with a career side kick to Norway in early 1980's and eventually retired from music in 1987.
She's been back on and off to the spotlight since early 2000's, and have graced various Eurovision related events with her presence from the 50th anniversary show in Copenhagen to the 60th Anniversary in London and many minor events all oveer Europe.
She tried to represent France again in 2013 with Je manque de toi, but wasn't chosen. The rumor is her single International was ment for Eurovision 2016 comeback, but under which flag? Submitted to Austria, Germany and San Marino? None was interested. 

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