Saturday, March 10, 2018


Norway has it's Melodi Grand prix final tonight and the songs are picked out of over 1200 submissions. Among them three previous Eurovision stars, Stella Mwangi, last year's Alexander Walmann this time solo and with his own name instead of credited only as JOWST,  and Alexander Rybak who won the while contest for Norway back in 2009. International jury and Norwegian televotrs will decide on the winner 50-50. 
I have three favorites: Talk to the hand follows last year's Grab the moment nicely, and sounds like a song that wasn't written Eurovision in mind which is like a bit of a fresh air these days. Vidar Villa's urging for MILF is just a good feeling bomb I just love to hear it and then Rybak - not the best song in the world but cool idea, well written and constructed with a tongue on cheek and it works. Nicoline, Charla K and Tom Hugo all have decent songs but just missing something extra to make them really stand out. And then we have Tengo otra. Love it. It sounds like real reggeaton (and you who say it's just a Despacito rip off, take some time and study a bit the genre first, ok?) As much as I like it, this is Norway. It just doesn't make sense, sorry! But the song is already in my playlist of the goodies of this season ...
Funny fact: the line up includes two titles already selected for Eurovision 2018 - Who we are and Light me up - and as faith has it, both also in the same semi as tonight's winner.... 

Stella & Alexandra - You got me
Alexander Walmann - Talk to the hand
Ida Maria - Scandilove
Nicoline - Light me up
Charla K - Stop the music
Alejandro Fuentes - Tengo otra 
Vidar Villa - Moren din
Rebecca - Who we are
Alexander Rybak - That's how you write a song

... and here's Rybak being a good sport and promoting all the other songs but his own...... 

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