Sunday, March 11, 2018


Phew. It feels like Lithuania started its selection process first months ago, and now ends it as the last national final of the season! Wo-hoo! We made it. Another year. A few internally selected artists still need to present their songs (Russia, Georgia) and Bulgaria will reveal their act tomorrow, but for the selections go - this is the last!
Did they save the best for last? Erm... no. Ieva's fragile ballad needs a stellar live performance to make it outstanding. If she does, she can go actually very far with it. Same goes for Monika Marija with her song she herited from Erika Jennings who pulled out. Only that Ieva is better, as is her song. Jurgis is all groovy and all that, but rather uninteresting lift music. Kotryna has pretty much the same song and act as he does, only with added female and less good. Paula surprised in the semifinal with a new arrangement to the song, more acoustic and was a bit of a surprise qualifer. Then we have The Roop that has quietly sneaked all the way to the final and is the most interesting of these with its theatralical and cocky singer doing funny moves on his cube. Also they have gone acoustic the past week. 
If we check the scores from the three times each of them have performed in various heats the results would be this:

1. Ieva (juries 36 + televote 32) 68
2. Jurgis (34 + 26) 60
3. Monika M (27 + 29) 56
4. Kotryna (30 + 22) 51
5. The Roop (19 + 32) 51
6. Paula (22 + 24) 46

Ieva has scored full marks from the juries, so has Jurgis except the one time he lost to Ieva. Ieva has also won televote twice out of two while Thee Roop has one it once and twice second while the juries have ignored them, as they have Paula until the semifinal.  Noteworthy is also that Jurgis in his first appearance got only 4 from televoters... I suppose Ieva will win but I wouldn't mind The Roop either....

Ieva Zasimauskaitė - When We're Old
Jurgis Brūzga - 4Love
Kotryna Juodzevičiūtė - That Girl
Monika Marija - The Truth
Paula - 1 2 3
The Roop - Yes, I do

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