Monday, March 26, 2018


Let's see now if his devoted fans will forgive him this, too. Jari Sillanpää was arrested at the Helsinki airport yesterday when returning from a long holiday in Thailand, where he has a holiday house. According Iltalehti he is still jailed by the police who will decide on arresting him on Wednesday. Police goes for "No comment" policy for the matter at this point but it is rumored it's part of the earlier arrest and investigation on the drug smuggling circle they now suspect him being part of.
Last September he was arrested when driving in Helsinki under the effect of chrystal or methamphetamine. He didn't deny at any point and in the end was fined 23.790 euros. One can read in the report he admits having used chrystal for three years but not any other drugs and has showed no regret at any point. It is rumored he had also now drugs on him when arrested.....
Update: It's confirmed he had drugs on him when arrested. He can only be very happy he wasn't arresteed in Thailand or Qatar.... That would have ment years in prison.
His fans took the news in September with disbelief and with the attitude "sh*t happens, poor Jari" and his concert tour that followed was the usual sold out success, but now things might turn out sour... He's supposed to hit the road in April again... He stated in Facebook the drugs were only for personal use and he's not part of any circle. He says he has no idea where that 1 g of chrystal found in his luggage is from. In total he confessed having bought 110 g of chrystal over the past three years...
Update 2: Some of his summer concerts have been already cancelled by the organizers. His friend and singing legend Katri Helena has publicly asked him to seek help. 

Jari Sillanpää is one of the most succesful Finnish artists ever. He's the second most sold Finnish solo artist, and his debut album is the most sold album ever. He represented Finland in the Eurovision song contest 2004 with Takes 2 to tango.

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