Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Israel took a surprise and easy win in the Eurovision song contest 1978 (no matter what Jordanian television think) with their sixth participation, with Izhar Cohen & The Alphabeta group and their groovy and catchy A-ba-ni-bi. (However that nearly didn't happen as in the national final there was a tie with Belev echad by Chedva Amrani & Pilpel Lavan. Hmmm, who knows if they had sent that one instead...?)
Six times 12 out of 19 possible, and 32 points lead on runner up Belgium. They also set the trend for the Israeli entries that continued well into the 1990's: lead singer and highly choreographed group with a catchy up tempo tune. Between 1978-1985 with six participation they scored two wins, two runner ups and 5th and 7th place. Not bad. 
Incidently Izhar started this run and also ended it in 1985 when he returned with Olé, Olé! placing 5th. Again in white and white a vry energetic backing group. Today the participation is propably best remembered for the backing singer's vocals... :-)
He has tried to get to Eurovision also in 1982 with El ha'or (7th), in 1987 with his sister Vardina with Musika hi neshika la'netzach (5th) and finally in 1996 with Alon Jan and Alpa'im (10th) ) but has since late 1990's  concentrated on jewellery desing and has a jewellery store in Tel Aviv these days.

This blogger has a little bit soft spot to this. The 1978 contest is the first one I remember clearly watching, loving and getting hooked to the contest. I loved A-ba-ni-bi (even if my parents thought it was nonsense) and come 1985, I loved Olé, olé! as well. Among many others. 


Boris said...

His store is actually in Tel Aviv.

Ilkar Blogilkar said...

Thanks for the correction. Some sources said Haifa, some Tel Aviv when I was seearching info on him and forgot to double check on that. My bad .-)

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