Saturday, March 17, 2018


Every now and then Eurovision song contest winners come back to the contest and looking back quite often it hasn't been such a good idea. A total of 14 previous winners have managed to return (and even more have tried but failed to win the national final. Latest of them is Swedish Loreen last year). In this series I have a brief look at them and how did it go.....

French theater, television and movie actor, comedian, imitator, author, singer and fashion designer for Dior, Jean-Claude Pascal (1927-1992) won the Eurovision song contest 1961 for Luxembourg with Nous les amoureux. The Croix de guerre awarded war hero was a popular star at the time, and later was awarded also Commendeur des Arts et des Lettres medal. He took an easy win beating UK to the second place with 31 points vs 24. 
He released 17 albums between 1960-84, several tv-movie and tv-series, nearly 40 movies between 1949-73.  He was voted the most elegent man of France several times.
In 1981 he was back in the contest with C'est peut-être pas l'Amérique, a song he co-write. It placed a disappointing 11th place with 47 points. He would die of cancer 11 years later at the age of 64. His ashes were placed in Mont Saint-Michel and Hammamet in Tunis. 
Was a comeback worth it? I remember his comments after the contest. He had hoped better as a farewell for his career and was not very happy how it ended. He started writing books instead and managed to release 8 of them between 1986-1991....

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