Saturday, March 10, 2018


Sweden has been selecting its entry for Lisbon 2018 Eurovision song contest the past five weeks around Sweden but tonight the show moves to Stockholm for its grand final. The viewing figures may have been dropping along the way as well as number of voters, and more and more international fans have woken up to the fact Mello isn't all that great it used to be. Haven't been for years now but in the end, like in all the national finals, all that matters is the one song. The one that will go to Eurovision and as Björkman and Swedes hope would continue Sweden's incredible success in the past seven years: two wins, two third places and two 5th places. And of course getting the 7th victory and thus making Ireland tremble.
But do we have Eurovision winner among these entries? Most likely not, but a few that could sneak into the top-5 again. Two songs seem above the others in early polls, Jessica and Benjamin, but Jessica seems to have lost some of it's popularity along the way. The Spotify is all about Samir & Viktor but propably the juries will put them down as usual. Mariette was the clear pre-contest favorite but seems to have lost groud and momentum since, even if qualifying straight to the final. And indeed, it's a bit weakish. Polish Margaret would propably have walked the Polish final but instead she's here for some reason - the same Krista Siegfrids and quite a few other foreign names have been there over the years I guess. Promotion. Méndez is the obligatory Latin addition this year, and for a change it's a very good one! Nothing original and rather not-so-strong vocals but it works somehow. And then there is Rolandz.
I guess I'm all for Jessica or a surprise winner like Lundvik would be great! On the other hand it would be fun if Swedes sent Rolandz and they then totally bombed in Lisbon. I also kinda want Benjamin to make it, as a consolation his mom never did, but is this the right song? Let him be runner up and next year he can return with Pernilla and they can win it all? Ok? :-). So, Lundvik, is it your turn? 
Méndez - Everyday
Renaida - All the Feels
Martin Almgren - A Bitter Lullaby
John Lundvik - My Turn
Jessica Andersson - Party Voice
LIAMOO - Last Breath
Samir & Viktor - Shuffla
Mariette - For You
Felix Sandman - Every Single Day
Margaret - In My Cabana
Benjamin Ingrosso - Dance You Off
Rolandz - Fuldans

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