Sunday, March 04, 2018


Portugal is choosing tonight for Lisbon 2018 Eurovision song contest and instead of  RTP's tv-studios like in the semifinals the show moves to an arena, the Pavilhão Multiusos in Guimarães. 
Now that the superfavorite Diogo Piçarra is sadly out of the picture (he got top marks from both televoters and jury in the second semifinal (being the only one doing so) before he was accused of plagiarism, read more here) the contest is wide open. 
Cláudia Pascoal scored 10 with both jury and televotes in the second semifinal while Susana Travassos got 8 from the jury but zero from televotes. This however was enough to make her Diogo's replacement in the final. Peter Serrado got 8 from televoters but only 1 from the jury - will they change their mind? Peu Madueira was the clear winner in the first semifinal with 12 from the televoters and 10 from the jury. The jury preferred Janeiro but the televoters gave him only 4, maybe they will award him more now? On the contrary with Anabela: 10 from televoters but only 3 from the jury. Catarina Miranda did a solid 8 from both sides. 
This blogger's favorite by far is Janeiro with his simple but intense song, Peu Madureira's elegant fado and Claudia Pascoal's modern and interesting song. She seems to be the fan favorite, but I suppose the other two would be easier to digest to the great European wide public. Though Peu might be a bit too similar to Sobral last year in narrow minds so Janeiro it is for me. Actually it's Sobral's wildcard for the line up :-)
I also like Catarina Miranda, Maria Ines Paris and also Lili. 

Rui David - Sem medo
Susana Travassos - A mensageira
Peter Serrado - Sunset
Joana Espadinha - Zero a zero
Joana Barra Vaz - Anda estragar-me os planos
David Pessoa - Amor veloz
Minnie & Rhayra - Patati patata
Janeiro - (sem título)
Maria Inês Paris - Bandeira azul
Cláudia Pascoal - O jardim
Peu Madureira - Só por ela

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