Saturday, March 03, 2018


Four medicore semifinals later Sweden has its Melodifestivalen second chance round. If it was for me I'd send only two songs to the final: Margaret and Mendez. Period. All the rest is useless fillers.

Margaret - In my cabana Vs. Moncho - Cuba libre
No minimal doubt here. I like Margaret and her song's fun. While I totally dislike this fake Cuba nonsense.....
Remaida - All the feels Vs. Olivia Eliasson - Never learn
Well, I don't either of these, but Renaida is more interesting....
Felix Sandman - Every single day Vs. Mimi Warner - Songburning
I don't care about these two either but I choose Felix, just because... well, it's a bit more original.
Sigrid Bernson - Patrick Swayze Vs. Mendez - Everyday
No question here either. Mendez all the way. Compared to Moncho he's at least some how authentic and better in every way. Oh and Sigrid is nonsense.

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