Monday, March 26, 2018


Just 16-year-old Gigliola Cinquetti charmed first Italy by winning the talent contest Castrocaro 1963 and then Sanremo 1964 with her Non ho l'etá, and went on to charm the rest of Europe as well by winning the Eurovision song contest a few weeks later in Copenhagen. 
She beat UK to second place by scoring 47 points vs. their 17, when over half the juries gave her full marks. The song sold over 4 million singles worldwide and launched her international career. She has had singles released in 120 countries!
In Italy she enjoys fame and success participating in various festivals and Sanremo. She almost got back to the contest already in 1966 when she won Sanremo with Domenico Modugno and Dio come ti amo. Modugno decided to go himself back to the contest and came last....  (Such a shame as it is one of the best Italia entries ever, if you ask me! And Gigliola's version is much bettr anyways)
In 1974 she was chosen to represent Italy again and the song is Si. Italy is in the middle of divorce law referendum and therefor the contest is broadcasted in Italy only in mid May as Rai was afraid the song could influence the vote.... She came second four points short of ABBA's Waterloo. The song is another international success for her. She tours South America and Japan and continues to record songs in various languages and scoring hits.
In late 1970's she dedicates more time for journalism, television, films, theater and other projects and when Italy hosted the Eurovision song contest 1991 she presented it with Toto Cutugno. 
She released her first album in 20 years in 2015.

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