Saturday, March 03, 2018


The favorite won the Finnish final and Saara Aalto will sing Monsters in Lisbon 2018 Eurovision song contest. As Krista Siegfrids said: This is our mothafuckinyear!
My favorite was Domino, it came alive on stage and was vocally the strongest and most effective, more of a song and less show. Sadly the much advertised performances on stage #never seen before in Finland" and bla bla ba weren't anything new or innotative. I wonder how much Friedman got paid for those acts? The camera work was all over the place but not where it should have been. In Queens the locomotive or whatever it was supposed to be was so high and the camera angle such that you totally lost Saara on top of it. Monsters was dark and uninviting, no camera contact mostly and nothing new or anything to remember afterwards or that would have made you go WOW. Just a routin choreography from any big star with money show. YLE sais this is the way it will be staged in Lisbon but maybe a time out is necessary and back to drawing table? As this was no good. Some Azerbaijan will come and walk over us easily.....

The jury votes
Monsters 4x12, 4x10
Domino 4x12, 2x10, 2x8
Queens 2x10, 6x8

Final result
Televotes: Monsters 95, Domino 75, Queens 70
 Krista opened the show with Portugal flavored number 
that borrowed from Suzy's Danca conmigo
The surprise act was CatCat who did Bye bye baby with Krista

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