Saturday, March 03, 2018


San Marino and 1in360 will have the final tonight as well. Coming live from Bratislava, Slovakia of all places, with singers from Norway, Finland, Malta, Italy, Germany, Israel, Austria and Zimbabwe,with one rapper from San Marino, judges from Austria, UK, Slovakia and for the final US based John Kennedy O'Connor, presented by British Nick Earles and Krisitin Stein. In the end one might wonder not what love's got to do with it but what's San Marino got to do with it all? 
The voting rules have changed on daily basis the past week so I have no idea how it works and why, so I have given up on trying to follow that path. Someone will win in the end somehow. 
Sara De Bue seems to be a fan favorite and also liked by the judges - and would nicely follow the Eurovision tradition of over produced nonsense with screamy ladies that are fan faves and fail big time in the contest - but the song Stay must be loved by the judges as they picked it three times; and now Basti aka Sebastian Schmidt as well as Franklin Calleja and Judah Gavra sing it, even without any major differences in the arrangement it seems.... That's a bit odd really. Oh well... 

Basti - Stay
Camilla North - Yo no soy tu chica
Emma Sandström - Diamonds
Franklin Calleja - Stay
Giovanni Montalbano - Per quello che mi dai
IROL feat. Basti - Sorry
Jenifer Brening - Until the Morning Light
Jessika feat. Jenifer Brening - Who We Are
Judah Gavra - Stay
Sara de Blue - Out of the Twilight
Tinashe Makura - Free Yourself

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