Wednesday, March 28, 2018


This one we will only know in about six weeks. The winner of 2009 contest Alexander Rybak is trying a double in Lisbon 2018 Eurovision song contest.
Fairytale holds the record of most votes under the old voting system - 387 vs Iceland's 218 and 16 times 12 points, 10 times 10 and 10 times 8! (He was equally overpoweering in the Norwegian national final btw)
Rybak came to Eurovision through various talent shows, culture prizes for his violin playing and theater. After Eurovision he was busy performing all over Europe incuding the Nobel Prize ceremony, starring and writing music for films in Norway and Russia, dancing in the Swedish Stricty come Dancing, and keeping his career going also in nis native Belarus and in the Russian market, besides dubbing cartoon in Norwegian. All these years he's also been a regular guest in Eurovision related events and happenings.
In 2013 he wrote I'm with you (4th) for Annsofi Pettersen for the Norwegian national final, in 2015 for Franklin Calleja Still here (5th) for the Maltese national final and in 2015 Accent (4th) for Milky for the Belarusian national final.
Now it's 2018 and he won the Norwegian national final with That's how you write a song almost as convincingly as he did with Fairytale. Will history repeat itself? Judging the betting odds and fandom's opinion it's not going to happen, but who knows? He wasn't quite the pre-contest favorite in Norway either.... 2018 is still wide open... no matter what Netta says. 

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