Sunday, March 18, 2018


Every now and then Eurovision song contest winners come back to the contest and looking back quite often it hasn't been such a good idea. A total of 14 previous winners have managed to return (and even more have tried but failed to win the national final. Latest of them is Swedish Loreen last year). In this series I have a brief look at them and how did it go.....
19 years old Lena Meyer-Landrut came from nowhere and after winning the German national final in 2010 went on to win the Eurovision song contest as well with her Satellite. She wasn't quite a favorite but once the votes started rolling in she took a convincing surprise win over Turkey's maNga (246 vs 170) scoring top-3 from 18 countries including nine 12s. 
Her album went to #1 in Germany and Satellite charted all over Europe making it one of the most succesful Eurovision winners of recent years. Her momemtum carried all the way to the next year's contest when it was announced she would do the 50's, aka defend her crown in 2011 as internally choseen artist.
Taken by a stranger was chosen for her and eventually it finished 10th  in the international final with 107 points scoting only once 10, and four times 8 points. However it was a decent placement for Germany and her success continues even today. Her latest single If I wasn't your daughter

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