Wednesday, February 01, 2017


Kiril Babitzin aka Kirka (22.9.1950-31.1.2007) is an unforgettable chapter of Finnish music history. An unique artist, whose sound is part of the Finnish soundtrack gets now his own musical, based on his life and career, both of them full of drama and ups and downs, ten years after his sudden death.
Kirka was a teenage idol who caused a real mass hysteria back in the day, a rock icon who ended up recording also schlager against his will to ay the bills and debts, and that turned a succesful change of heart. He was a well behaving boy next-door from modest surroundings and became an idol and rock star like no one else. His most beloved hits Hetki lyö, Leijat, Eurovision entry Hengaillaan and Surun pyyhit silmistäni are all included in the show. 
The musical premieres tomorrow and plays in Helsinki's Peacock Theater until April 22, 2017. Kalle LIndroth and Heikki Ranta alternate as Kirka. 
Kirka released over 30 albums and is one of the artists who has taken part in the national selection for the Eurovision most times in Finland. He took part in 13 different years, performing a total of 22 songs! One victory, 3 runner ups and 14 top-5 songs in total, Now beat that! 
With this one he scored an international hit after winning the local Syksyn Sävel contest in 1988:

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