Sunday, February 05, 2017


Latvia's Supernova kicks off tonight. Eleven songs in the running but only four will make it through. First two most televoted songs will make it, and then from the remaining ones the jury will send two more to the next step. Same for the next heat, then 8 songs will battle it out for the semifinal places, and then in the final they will be only four.
Some interesting ones in here, and it's hard to say who will deliver live and make it to the final.

Linda Leen - Who is in charge?
Katrīna Cīrule - Blood runs quicker
Anna Zankovska - Rage love
Lauris Valters - Magic years
Edgars Kreilis - We are angels
First Question - Naked
Miks Dukurs - Spiritual priest
Pikaso - U (can keep your cools)
Crime Sea - Escape
Franco Franco - Up
Rock’n’Berries - Feel the love

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