Sunday, February 05, 2017


The other big pre-festival favorite by the journalists along with Fiorella Mannoia is Marco Masini who has already won both Newcomers and Big categories. Apparently he has changed his musical style once again and it's a success. Maybe. Will he return to Eurovision after 30 years?
Marco Masini (52) started his musical career working in soundtracks and studio vocalist as no one was interested to sign him. He worked with Umberto Tozzi and Raf among others - and even did Eurovision song contest 1987 with them - and also sung the demo for Sanremo winning song Si può dare di più that year. In 1988 he was dropped from Sanremo the last minute but finally in 1990 he managed to squeeze into the Newcomers selection with Disperato and won. The year after he was among the Big with Perche lo fai and is 3rd. The song was originally ment for Umberto Tozzi who changed to another one. His success continues and he scored hits like Malinconoia, T'innamorerai, Vaffanculo and Bella stronza, creating a name of him as the one with dirty lyrics. Apparently he isn't so welcome to the business anymore and his career struggles. 
In 2004 he's back to Sanremo with Uomo volante, the protest year when major labels boycotted the festival. It was a lucky strike for him as he wins and relaunches his career. 
2017 is his 8th Sanremo following succesful 2009 with L'Italia 7th and 2015 Che giorno è 6th. This blogger would like to point out also Ci vorrebbe il mare from his back catalogue. His latest ones are Il rumore che fa with Raige, also in the festival and Non è vero che l'amore cambia il mondo. His 11th album, titled like his Sanremo 2017 entry Spostato di un secondo will be released right after the festival.

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