Sunday, February 05, 2017


Alessio Bernabei (24) returns to Sanremo for the third year in a row, second time as soloist after debuting with his ex-group Dear Jack - a product from Maria De Filippi's Amici talent reality show. 
Alessio, who plays guitar, piano, clarinet and bass besides singing made a living as a hairdresser and even plumber, didn't make it in X Factor beyond boot camp before he formed Dear Jack and once again: the rest is history.
With them he released two albums (#1 and #2) with hits like Domani è ul altro film, La pioggia è uno stato d'animo, Ricomincio da me and their Sanremo entry Il mondo esplode tranne noi (7th). In 2015 he went solo and again in Sanremo, even against Dear Jack with a new singer. Alessio's Noi siamo infinito is 14th, Dear Jack's Mezzo respiro doesn't make the final. He then released his debut solo album with Due giganti and Io e te = la soluzione. Neither really set the charts on fire but he has a certain teenage girls following. 
This year Alessio returns with In mezzo di un applauso. 

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