Saturday, February 04, 2017


Sweden kicks of its Melodifestivalen tonight, the most overrated and hyped about national selection in the universe. Sure it's great entertainment and show, but what about the music? Oh well... After hearing the one minute snippets from semifinal this is more true than ever before. It's more boring than any other selection I have heard this year from any country. Period. Out of seven songs I only got minimally interested in that one of Nano. The only one I have never ever heard of. Save the best for last indeed. He should win this hands down and become this year's phenomenon and as I have no high hopes for any other act in coming weeks even win the whole damn thing.
As usual people will vote two songs straight to the final, two to the second chance round and for the other three it's game over and fight for the place in the charts.....

Semifinal 1: 4 February, Göteborg

Boris René – Her kiss -> Andra chansen
Adrijana – Amare = 6th
Dinah Nah – One more night = 5th
De Vet Du – Road trip _> Andra chansen
Charlotte Perrelli – Mitt liv = 7th
Ace Wilder – Wild child -> to the final
Nano – Hold on -> to the final


Anonymous said...

You know what. You could just skip watching the show and rewatch all the Finnish musical achievments 😂

Ilkar Blogilkar said...

That's exactly what I did :-)


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