Sunday, February 05, 2017


Giusy Ferreri (37) is another name from X Factor. She only came second but has become one of the most succesful singers from the show. She's never been very fortunate in Sanremo, could this year make the difference and send her also to Eurovision song contest?
Born in Palermo, Sicily she left the island for fame and fortune and went to Milan where she worked as supermarket cashier and slowly made her steps towards stardom. Ten years later after being dropped from the original label, not being accepted to Sanremo newcomers and having recorded some dance tracks among others she tried something else....The X factor. The rest is history. Four albums so far plus one greatest hits albums. Hits like Non ti scordar mai di me (#1), Novembre (#1), Ma il cielo é sempre più blu (#2) and Volevo te (#14) have made her a household name. In 2015 she hit #1 again with Baby K and Roma-Bangkok, one of the biggest hits of the season 2015-16.
In Sanremo she's been twice before: 2011 with Mare immenso (10th) and in 2014 with Ti porto a cena con me (9th) and L'amore possiede il bene that was eliminated in the first round. Now she's ready for the third try with Fa talmente male (It really hurts). Her fifth studio album Girotondo will be released right after the festival.

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