Sunday, February 05, 2017


Paola Turci (52) makes a welcome comeback to Sanremo after 16 years. This will be her 10th time and her Sanremo history is quite a strange one: She did the newcomers three years in a row (1986-88) never making the final but winning the critic's awards only to come back in a new category Emergenti that existed only once, in 1989. Some say it was invented for her. And indeed she won it with Bambini. Then she made five festivals between 1990-2001, always finishing in top-10 except in 1990 with Ringrazio Dio
This year she's back with Fatti bella per te (Make yourself pretty for yourself).
She has released 11 studio albums, one cover album, various live and compilations between 1988 and 2012. Her new album will be released later this spring.
Her other Sanremo entries have been Stato di calma apparente (7th), Volo cosi (10th), Solo con me (4th), Saluto l'inverno (5th)

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