Sunday, February 05, 2017


Fiorella Mannoia (62) is the biggest pre-festival favorite. The journalists who heard the songs beforehand all agreed she's great, and no one had nothing bad to comment about her song. And indeed, she's BIG among the Big and many wondered what made her return into the competition instead of being the superstar guest. But le't see how this will end.....
The ex-stuntgirl and supporting role actress in spaghetti western in Cinecittà studios ventured into music in the late 1960's taking part in Castrocaro, the then most important competition for new voices. She didn't win but got a record deal and her debut single comes out in 1968. Since then she records singles here and there and changes labels most every year. 
In early 80's she finally enters major competition like Festivalbar and Sanremo, and releases her debut album in 1983. Since then she has released 14 studio albums and over 20 compilations, cover or live albums. 
In 2017 she returns to Sanremo for the 5th time but after 29 years! Her entries have been Caffe nero bollente (1981), Come si cambia (1984), Quelle che le donne non dicono (1987) and Le notti di Maggio (1988). Other major songs are Il cielo d'irlanda, Il gigante, L'amore si odia. Her latest ones are Perfectti sconosciuti, Combattente and Nessuna conseguenza. Will she be blessed with her Sanremo 2017 entry Che sia benedetta? And if so, will she accept Eurovision?

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